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Build advanced user interfaces

Design unique user interfaces with dropdowns, dialogs, forms, navigation menus, tooltips, and more. Simply drag, drop and style the Radix component on your canvas, without writing any code.

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Accessible out of the box

With built-in accessibility and WAI-ARIA specification, Radix UI ensures that your designs are not only visually appealing but also accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities.

Webstudio Components and code example

Developer superpowers for designers

Radix UI simplifies the visual development process by handling accessibility details and complex logic, so you can focus on addressing unique design challenges.

Apple’s navigation menu made better than Apple

Watch how Alex uses the Radix components to build an Apple navigation menu in Webstudio.

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Why Radix UI?


Styling is independent of component behavior and can be customized without impacting functionality.


Granular access over each component part to customize it to your design needs.

Composable structures.

Nest Radix components inside each other to create composite UI structures.

WAI-ARIA compliant.

Ensure that your web content is accessible to users with varying abilities.

Cross-device accessibility.

Support mouse, keyboard, and touch interactions, making your site accessible on any device.

Radix components in Webstudio Builder

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Tooltip component image


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Accordion component


Dialog component


Sheet component


Navigation Menu component

Navigation Menu

Tabs Component


and many more...

Radix UI is just the beginning

Once we launch the public API, you will be able to add any other component library you want.

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