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Webstudio Cloud Plans

5 custom domains

10,000 page views /month1

2 GB asset storage

Unlimited sites

Unlimited pages

Unlimited collaborators

Community support
Start building
billed yearly
For teams and advanced users
Unlimited custom domains

500,000 page views /month2

20 GB asset storage

10 versions history

Custom integrations

Advanced sharing3

Priority issue tracker
For large teams with more needs
No limits


Enterprise SSO

Granular permissions

Customer success manager
Get in touch
  1. The limit of 10,000 page views per account per month excludes bots. If site traffic exceeds the limit for 2 consecutive months, you will be asked to upgrade to a Pro account or use a self-hosted version.

  2. The limit is 500,000 page views per account per month, excluding bots. After that, it's $20 per extra 100,000 page views. If there are unexpected traffic spikes, you are protected; the maximum you can pay is $200 per month.

  3. Manage permissions for publishing, content editing and more.

Open Source Builder

free and open source
For anyone who wants to self-host or integrate Webstudio into their projects
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Go to Github
Deploy to Vercel

Deploy a docker container

Community support

No Webstudio cloud features

Basic permissions

Limits depend on your hosting
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Open Source Builder
Webstudio Cloud Plans
Design Tokens
Link sharing and basic permissions
Responsive image components
Asset and font management
Google & Github SSO
Paste markdown
Paste Webflow elements
Coming this year
Coming this year
Connect custom domains
Ludicrous site performance
Publish to the edge
Global CDN & workers
Automatic WebP / AVIF conversion
Powerful DDoS (L7) protection
Bot mitigation
Real-time collaboration
Coming this year

Coming this year

Webstudio Beta
has arrived