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Webstudio is an advanced visual builder that deploys to Cloudflare when using Webstudio Cloud, providing ludicrously fast performance, world-class security, and scalability.

Earth with Cloudflare Edge nodes all over the world

Webstudio <3 Cloudflare – How they work together


When using Webstudio Cloud plans, projects are deployed to Cloudflare Workers. This serverless platform fetches and caches data from the Edge, providing fast and reliable access for visitors. In the future, Webstudio will support custom user code in these isolated environments.


Webstudio uses Cloudflare images so that users can upload high-quality images, and visitors will load converted, compressed, and responsive images, ensuring fast load times.


Webstudio stores assets on R2, which natively integrates with Cloudflare Workers, providing low-latency access to assets and ultimately providing your website visitors faster load times.


Projects automatically benefit from Cloudflare's security features, including DDoS (L7) protection, bot mitigation, and certificate management.


Cloudflare offers fair pricing that scales with people's needs, which enables Webstudio to do the same.

Beyond Proxy. Powered by Cloudflare.

The old way

Website creators would leverage no-code builders and then seek out Cloudflare to improve load times, among other things.

Unfortunately, they would find two issues:

  • Their website builder was incompatible with the Cloudflare Proxy
  • Even if the Proxy was supported, requests that went through to the origin were painfully slow for website visitors

The new way

When users click Publish, their websites are deployed to the Cloudflare Edge, milliseconds away from any user on Earth.

Webstudio is built from the ground up to leverage Cloudflare's network and features.

Next-gen builder, next-gen infrastructure.

Start building
Screenshots of Webstudio website builder

Full power of CSS in a visual tool

Control every property, unit, and breakpoint (no-code).

Frontend that can talk to any backend

Fetch any HTTP API and bind response data.

Naming styles is optional

Create one-off style changes without having to name anything.

Reusable styles without classes

Build a large website without the pain of combo classes.

Scale without worrying about costs

From your first visitor to your billionth, pay only for what you use.

No hosting lock-in

You can self-host anywhere without paying Webstudio.


Can I still use the Cloudflare Proxy?

Yes. While you don't need it for performance features or security measures (unless you define custom rules), you may want to enable it to use other Cloudflare features such as Zaraz, Rules, or custom Workers.

Does the website builder only deploy to Cloudflare?

Webstudio is open source, letting you deploy to platforms like Netlify, Vercel, or anywhere else supporting a React app. When using Webstudio Cloud, the website builder deploys to Cloudflare Workers.

Does this rely on my Cloudflare account?

No, Webstudio is using Cloudflare for Platforms, deploying your project to a dedicated Worker and letting you route your DNS to it from your Cloudflare dashboard.

Is my Worker shared?

Absolutely not. When you deploy a project, it's deployed to a dedicated Worker housing only your project. Also, the Worker is decoupled from the website builder, improving security and portability.

Beyond serving web pages, what other cool things are the Workers doing?

Glad you asked 😉 You can configure Resources in the UI to fetch from any HTTP API. The fetching is done by Workers Fetch and uses the built-in cache. This enables you to fetch external data, bind it to components, and serve it in one cohesive experience... without code. Webstudio is a no-code frontend that can talk to any backend.

How much does Webstudio cost?

Webstudio offers a generous free tier, leveraging Cloudflare's fair pricing. From there, you can scale traffic without having to worry about costs. See Pricing for more info. Alternatively, you can self-host the platform and not pay Webstudio.

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